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Network That Employs Brian Williams Mocks FNC As ‘Fake News’

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As you may have heard if you’ve been anywhere inside Earth’s orbit for the past month, Saturday Night Live threw itself a 40th birthday party last night. And, much like the rest of us oldsters, the ol’ gal’s memory is starting to go. It’s getting so bad, Weekend Update can’t even remember who Brian Williams is.

Awwww! Jane Curtin thinks she was pretty.

None of the past or present cast members made any Brian Williams jokes, because they’re good little corporate drones. But a couple of the hosts did:

Check out Tina Fey’s improv chops there: “Um, er, uh…” [turns away in shame] Way to think on your feet, Tina.

Well, why would they be prepared for something like that? What are the odds that anybody would bring up one of the biggest news stories of the last couple of weeks, right where it happened?

Jerry Seinfeld then took that knife and twisted it:

Thanks, Jerry and Jim. Unlike Lorne Michaels, you can still spot a good joke when you see one.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)