Anti-Science? Democrats Push Food Labeling Campaign Backed By Vaccine Skeptic

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Democrats’ campaign to label all genetically modified foods just might undermine recent liberal attempts to portray Republicans as the party of anti-science and anti-vaccine wingnuts.

California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer just re-introduced the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act alongside Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Democratic Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio.

The Democratic lawmakers are working on the effort with a well-funded network of labeling activists. Boxer works closely with Just Label It, which coordinates with state activists to push its cause and fight against anti-labeling interests. Boxer even cited that and other groups’ support for her bill in an official press release and, in turn, garnered praise from the group.

So who is pumping massive amounts of funding into pro-food labeling efforts?

Dr. Joseph Mercola is reportedly one of the largest donors to pro-labeling activism. He also organized a pro-labeling protest in Washington, D.C. and has coordinated in his activism with Just Label It.

Mercola also happens to be one of the most vocal anti-vaccine skeptics in the United States.

“Senator Boxer first introduced her GMO labeling bill back in 2000, long before the group [Just Label It] was even created, and this individual has had no role whatsoever in developing this bill,” Boxer press secretary Peter True told The Daily Caller.

Nevertheless, Mercola has publicly thanked Boxer for supporting California’s labeling push.

Why does Boxer need to distance herself from her supporter Mercola in the midst of national controversy surrounding vaccines? Maybe it’s because Mercola, co-sponsor of the first annual Vaccine Awareness Week, recently told radio host Alex Jones that Ebola concerns were whipped up as an “orchestrated effort” to push a national vaccination program.

“My belief is that – no one knows for sure – but is my take on it that it’s an orchestrated effort to create a fear,” Mercola said. “You know that’s the common strategy, create fear to use as a justification to initiate a massive vaccination program. That’s clearly the end game here.”

Food labeling is one of Mercola’s other wedge issues.

As recently as 2014, Just Label It shared an article on social media by Mercola, who also quoted Just Label It executive director Scott Faber in his own article for Mercola.com. Just Label It has also promoted Mercola’s personal activism for a GMO labeling petition drive.

Mercola and his organizations have donated great sums to efforts in Washington state, California and Oregon to pass ballot referendums to require labeling on genetically modified foods. Mercola was even named 2009 “Ultimate Wellness Gamechanger” by the liberal publication The Huffington Post.

“Mandatory labeling may be the only way to stop the proliferation of genetically engineered foods in the U.S., but simple petitions will likely fail,” Mercola said in 2012 in a piece entitled “Is Your Food Sourced From The Plant Equivalent of AIDS?”

“We strongly support state initiatives, such as California’s ballot initiative to get mandatory labeling for genetically engineered foods sold in their state,” Mercola said. “A recent story highlights why state initiatives in particular are so vitally important. It’s a brazen example of how the FDA completely ignores the people it’s supposed to listen to and protect…The agency actually decided to eliminate and disregard over a million U.S. citizens’ signatures and comments collected by the Just Label It campaign.”

So take that, anti-science Republicans.

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