New Carbon Rules to Cost 586,000 Jobs by 2023

PG Veer Contributor
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The Obama administration’s new rules to curb CO2 emissions will cost thousands of jobs to the country, The Daily Signal reports. According to a Heritage Foundation study, these regulations, despite having “a negligible positive impact on the climate and the environment”, are still pushed forward in order to curb the so-called “social cost of carbon”, i.e. the alleged impact CO2 has had on the earth’s climate.

Heritage estimates that states surrounding the Great Lakes, along with Southern Tennessee, Northern Alabama and Mississippi and Western Arkansas will lose the most jobs because of these regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency. All of these states will lose an estimated 2000 manufacturing jobs per Congressional district. Heritage says that 68 percent (296) of Congressional districts will lose over 1000 jobs.

With respect to the percentage of jobs lost, New Hampshire, Idaho and South Dakota would lose between 5 percent and 6.4 percent of all manufacturing jobs.

The impact goes beyond impacting coal production. “Because America’s industrial base relies on affordable, reliable energy, these regulations would deal a crushing blow to the manufacturing sector, particularly impacting the Midwest,” Nick Loris, co-author of the study, told to the Signal.

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