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Giuliani Is Wrong: Obama Loves America So Much, He Wants To Change Everything About It

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Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters are absolutely shocked and outraged at Rudy Giuliani’s recent statement: “I do not believe that the president loves America.” And they should be shocked and outraged. What a terrible thing to say about a man who has shown so much love for his country!

Remember this?


While those other dummies were showing off during the National Anthem, he showed the proper respect by covering up his genitals. As the Founders certainly would have wanted.

Remember when he said this?

He loves you so much, America, that he wants your electric bills to “skyrocket.” Maybe you’re just not smart enough to understand what a loving gesture that is.

And our armed forces? Dude, you know how much he loves our armed forces!

Such examples abound in the utopian Obama Era. He loves America so much that he wants to transform it fundamentally:

Obama loves you, America. Now stop clinging so bitterly to your old life and change.

P.S. Criticizing Obama is racist. It can’t be said enough, apparently.

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Jim Treacher