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If MSNBC Cancels Chris Hayes, It Will Be The Biggest Loss For America Since Jon Stewart

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Just hear me out.

Ha ha! Just kidding.

Now that MSNBC is putting Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid out of our misery, the latest News That Nobody Watches news is that Chris Hayes could be next. Is he… All Out?*

I’ve never watched an entire episode of his show, and neither have you. But that’s our loss. Here’s a bit of what we missed:

How is it possible that America hasn’t fallen in love with the sound of that voice?

And then there was this magic moment, live from Ferguson:

Is that any way to treat the Voice of Black America?

And I’m sure he’s had many other highlights over the last couple of years.

Don’t worry, Hayes will be fine. It’s not like there’s any shortage of “news” outlets for a guy who’s willing to say the dumbest lefty horsecrap, day in and day out. Or he could make it official and go to work for the Democratic Party. No matter which path he takes, his dynamic screen presence and old-school gravitas will serve him well.

This is a really exciting time to be Chris Hayes!

*This is a play on the name of his show, All In. If you got that joke, you still have time to make a futile effort to save the show.

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