Wacko White Supremacists Spar With Wacko White Privilege Professor Over ‘Problem Of Whiteness’

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A fight between radical, bizarro white people is brewing in Tempe, Ariz. as white supremacists are saying shocking and atrocious things about an Arizona State University professor because he is teaching a course concerning “the problem of whiteness.”

The professor is Lee Bebout. He is white. He is an English professor. He also dabbles in “Chicana/o studies,” American Studies and critical race theory.

The full name of Bebout’s course is “U.S. Race Theory and the Problem of Whiteness.” Eighteen students are currently enrolled.

Bebout’s radical position is that the color or white people’s skin right now is somehow related to slavery, (which ended in the United States in 1865), Jim Crow laws (a racial caste system that ended in the 1960s), and genocide, explains the Phoenix New Times, an alternative weekly.

Bebout’s crackpot notions about skin color have raised the ire of another group of people who have crackpot notions about skin color: white supremacists.

Loony white supremacists are now showing up in the Arizona State campus and, frighteningly, in the neighborhood where Bebout lives, to hand out racist fliers. The fliers call the professor “anti-white” and feature his photo.

White supremacists are also angrily emailing Bebout and leaving crazy messages in his voicemail.

A white supremacist group called National Youth Front is attempting to organize at Arizona State. The group describes itself as “dedicated to the preservation of all [w]hite people.”

“This week, several of National Youth Front’s members went to ASU to raise awareness that we will no longer tolerate this antiwhite agenda,” the group reported, according to the New Times. “Over four hundred fliers were delivered over several days to both Lee Bebout’s neighborhood and ASU.”

Other more candidly militant, odious, neo-Nazi groups including Stormfront and The Daily Stormer have published bile against Bebout.

“I hope and pray he’s picked off by a bunch of blacks because they see [him as] an easy target,” a Stormfront forum member wrote under an image of Bebout’s family, notes the New Times.

Another Stormfront user declared that the English professor is guilty of “sedition.” Still another concluded that Bebout wants to “destroy the white race.”

Bebout has been relatively quiet about his “Problem of Whiteness” course. He has issued a short statement suggesting that he chose the provocative title to draw “attention to the often unacknowledged experiences of race,” according to the New Times. “In the US today,” the professor argued, “talking about race is almost always synonymous with talking about people of color.”

Bebout’s Facebook page is a museum-worthy hothouse of harebrained far-left ideas. His many Facebook likes include Whiteness studies, Whiteskins, Unveiling Whiteness in the 21st Century (a book) and The Souls of White Folk: African American Writers Theorize Whiteness (another book).

He also likes Barack Obama, Being Liberal, Wendy Motherfucking Davis , Antonio Gramsci and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is, of course, famous because a man named Floyd Lee Corkins used its “Hate Map” to find the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, D.C. and then tried to “kill as many people as possible” and “smother Chick-fil-A sandwiches in their faces” because he disagreed with the conservative organization about gay marriage. (RELATED: FBI Severs Ties With Liberal, Domestic Terrorism-Inspiring Southern Poverty Law Center)

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