Bloomberg’s John Heilemann: The Clintons Have An ‘Obsession With Money’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Bloomberg News host John Heilemann said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Monday that he believed Bill and Hillary Clinton were “obsessed and insecure” about money, and that it was “totally insane” that the Clinton Foundation is accepting donations from foreign governments. (VIDEO: Liberal Fox Host Slams Hillary’s ‘Unethical,’ ‘Rank Influence-Peddling’)

HEILEMANN: I think it’s nuts. I think it’s nuts. I think it’s all nuts. I think the paid speeches that they’ve continued, the idea that they loosen the restrictions after she came out of the being Secretary of State– you remember, Bill Clinton stopped raising money for many foreign governments and companies that had dealings with the State Department while she was Secretary of State. The idea that when they came out they loosened the restrictions again? Totally insane.

I think it does go to — it’s joking to say ‘it’s expensive to be a Clinton.’ But they have throughout their political careers been obsessed and insecure about money, whether it’s on the political side, the thing they feared most is always being under-financed, on the philanthropic side, their obsession with money leading them down to the Lincoln bedroom… This has been a hallmark of their careers. And in some ways, it served them really well because they have won a lot of elections by being well financed. But in this case, I think she is giving her opponents a huge amount of fodder that could come back to haunt her later.

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