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Quote of the Day:

“This town isn’t easy.”

Casey Harper, reporter, Daily Caller News Foundation

Porn and media 

“Have you masturbated today? No, this isn’t about Twitter. It’s about media.” — J-school prof and BuzzMachine blogger Jeff Jarvis. He links to this story.



A note from David Corn to FNC’s Howard Kurtz


I assume you do understand that the New York Times account O’Reilly brandished on your show actually disapproves his point. Our original article cite this NYT piece, which reported that one policeman (not a soldier) fired five shots over the heads of “fleeing demonstrators.” This contradicts — or, at least does not support — O’Reilly assertions that troops fired into the crowd, that soldiers “gunned down” cilivians, and that “many” people were killed.

Is this complicated?



The Oscars’ Edward Snowden joke

“Forget the underwear. We finally saw Neil Patrick Harris’ big balls when he made the Snowden joke in front of that crowd.” — NationalReviewOnline‘s Jim Geraghty.

Journos give Sean Penn terrible reviews at the Oscars

“Does Sean Penn ever smile?” — DefenseOne’s Kevin Baron.

“Fun fact: Sean Penn has never smiled.” — The Daily Beast‘s Will Rahn.

“Is it too snarky to say Sean Penn looks like he woke up 10 minutes before walking onstage at #oscars2015? Probably not.” — NPR’s Eric Deggans.

And pre-Best Picture disappointment…

“If Sean Penn and his facial hair announce Birdman as best picture, I’m swearing off movies for TV. If it’s Boyhood, I take it all back.” — MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt.

The Affectionate Coworker 

“Oh good signed off another work email with ‘i love you.'” — MarketplaceLizzie O’Leary.

 Are women who offer to split the check lying? 

“First date behind me now bickering about whether women who offer to pay/split the date are always bullshitting. He says yes, ‘you can tell.'” — Megan Carpentier, U.S. opinion editor, Guardian.

Journo thinks his newspaper delivery person is lame 

“I like my newspaper carrier, but damn it I delivered papers in worse weather than this.” — Dan Gainor, VP of Business and Culture, Media Research Center.

Mika Brzezinksi doesn’t like Jeb Bush

“JEB BUSH’s BRAINLESS TRUST. Says it all.” — MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski.


“I like my newspaper carrier, but damn it I delivered papers in worse weather than this.” — Emily Nussbaum, TV critic, The New Yorker.

WaPo braggart shows up D.C. mayor 

“Respectful tip for DC Mayor @MayorBowser: I should not have more followers than you do.” — WaPo “humor” columnist Gene Weingarten.

After Twitter, redemption  

“Having successfully trolled twitter, I must go do my seminary homework now. Ironies abound.” — RedState‘s Erick Erickson.

Despite losing show, Joy Reid thanks her Twitter fam and MSNBC coworkers

“When one door closes, others open. Much love to my Twitter fam, my co-workers at @msnbc and to @TheReidReport team for all the love today!” — Joy Reid, who will continue on at MSNBC.

Luke Russert prefers another awards show to the Oscars

“Grammys are so much better.” — NBC’s congressional correspondent Luke Russert.


Thank You For Sharing: How Piers Morgan handles haters

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 10.39.30 PM


“Dear Everybody Suddenly in My Timeline: @daveweigel was trying to be funny or ironic. It isn’t my fault he’s so bad at it.” — Stephen Green, Editor, PJ Media.

What’s Charles C. Johnson up to? 

“You know, black friends, when you threaten to kill me for pointing out that more blacks should be in jail you kind of make my point…” — GotNewsCharles C. Johnson.

Look who was bored by the Oscars 

“It’s official. I’m bored. #Oscars2105” — Yahoo! NewsKatie Couric.

And look who doesn’t give a shit what Katie Couric thinks? 

“So is everyone who has followed your career.” Howard Stern Show’s Joey Boots.