LA Angels Slugger Josh Hamilton Reportedly Relapses With Drugs

Scott Cook Contributor
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Los Angeles Angels slugger Josh Hamilton met with officials at the MLB headquarters in New York City on Wednesday regarding a disciplinary issue.

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reported via Twitter that Hamilton freely confessed to relapsing in his battle with drug addiction.

Screenshot of Jon Heyman's Tweets

Reports from sources close to the situation all seem to point to this being the truth.

Josh Hamilton was suspended from Major League Baseball from 2003-2005 for drug and alcohol abuse. He told the LA Times that during such time, he was addicted to crack cocaine, a frequent user of numerous drugs and even attempted suicide.

According to Heyman’s tweets, there is no word of a failed drug test. This is interesting because as a part of his $125 million contract with the Angels, Hamilton is required to take three drug tests a week.

Heyman also seems to believe that Hamilton would be put in a program as a first time offender. Neither the MLB, the Angels nor anyone from Hamilton’s camp have publicly released any statements about the situation. It will be interesting to see how Hamilton will be disciplined.

Let’s hope Hamilton’s next step is in the right direction and he can get his life back on track.