Jason Chaffetz To Critics Of Netanyahu Speech: ‘Get Over It!’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Monday defended House Speaker John Boehner’s decision to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress, telling CNN “Situation Room” host Wolf Blitzer and other critics to “get over it!” (VIDEO: Rep. Chaffetz Suggests White House ‘Cover-up’ of Prostitution Scandal)

“Don’t you think with hindsight, it would have been more appropriate for the Speaker of the House to at least have informed the White House and/or the Democratic leadership…” asked Blitzer. “With hindsight, don’t you think the speaker should have at least had the courtesy to tell the White House what he was planning on doing?”

“Well, I think he did do that,” Chaffetz said.

“Only after the invitation was delivered…” Blitzer countered. “This is a serious issue, congressman. As a matter of courtesy, why wouldn’t the Speaker of the House at least –”

“Get over it!” Chaffetz shouted, “Get over it! He’s going to come here and speak to the joint session of Congress.”

Blitzer then asked it was a “miscalculation” to invite Netanyahu. “Miscalculation? I don’t think it’s a miscalculation,” Chaffetz pushed back. “I think Speaker Boehner did the right thing.” (VIDEO: Former Dem Senator Blames Democrats For Politicizing Netanyahu Speech)

Chaffetz said it was far more important to deal with Iran than bicker about a speech. “We negotiate from a position of strength, Wolf. We do not do this through appeasement and bickering about what time the Speaker called the President to say that Benjamin Netanyahu is going to show up. That is a distraction. I think the president miscalculated on that. Get over it. He’s coming to speak to us, and we look forward to hearing him.”

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