The Clintons’ Dirty Money

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Roger Stone The Daily Caller's Men's Fashion Editor
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The Clintons have gotten away with a whole lot in their lifelong careers of pursuing power, wealth, and monarchical adoration from us humans. Bill Clinton’s time as Arkansas governor alone is a virtual saga of systematic political corruption and utterly-licentious, if not debased, personal conduct of which philandering and drug binging (cocaine, to be clear) are probably the most scrupulous of Bubba’s various and sundry wilding activities.

Hillary has spent a lifetime riding the only thing on Bill she’ll probably ever ride: his coattails. Hillary parlayed her first “lady” notoriety into a U.S. Senate seat and wasted no time seeking the presidency, before Bill’s successor had even passed go on the way to much-deserved ignominy back in Texas.

After a bright, clean, articulate African-American junior senator scuttled Hillary’s dreams, she settled for U.S. Secretary of State, and again wasted no time turning the position into yet another sinecure to be milked for all it’s worth to Clinton Inc.

Most troubling is the avalanche of foreign government cash pouring into the Clinton coffers through their front, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Foreign governments who are prohibited from contributing to any U.S. political campaign, even Hillary’s, are tendering their bribes to the Clinton machine in advance of Hillary’s anticipated rise to the U.S. presidency.

Among those chipping in millions are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Argentina. As Aristotle Onassis once said, “A bribe is a bet.” And it would seem lots of foreign governments with manifold interests in U.S. policy and spending are sure betting heavy on the Clintons.

We’ve already seen the insidious influence of Saudi money on U.S. policy where massive infusions of Saudi cash into, for example, the Bush presidential libraries and the Carlyle Group (a Bush-sponsored investment firm), guaranteed that the portion of the 9/11 Commission Report detailing the Saudi government’s role in the terrorist attacks would remain (inexplicably) classified.

More than half of the Clinton Foundation contributions over $5 million came from foreign governments. More than a third of the contributions over $1 million came from the same source. Once wonders how much U.S. foreign aid flowing into some of these countries has ended up in the Clinton’s political war chest, under the guise of philanthropy.

Progressive Democrats whining about income inequality and the power of Wall Street cash should also be troubled by the massive infusion of influence-purchasing millions to Madame Clinton et al by such unquestionably public-minded corporate citizens as Goldman Sachs, ExxonMobil, Bank of America, Chevron, Citigroup, and Deutsche Bank AG.

To date, the Clinton Foundation’s donors have footed the bill for the Clintons’ lavish travel and lodging around the world to the tune of $70 million. Hillary refuses to fly on any aircraft less spacious than a Gulfstream or a G5, and demands 5-star hotel accommodations, always the presidential suite, wherever she and her retinue stay. Does this sound like charity? Is this really philanthropy?

But the Clintons’ giant slush fund isn’t merely a Bill, Hillary and Chelsea affair. Over 250 employees keep the Clinton Foundation rolling along, at a cost of over $220 million in salaries and benefits, more than all the total charitable grants for the Foundation’s entire lifetime. Rather than a bustling epicenter of good works, the Clinton Foundation is in fact a Hillary presidential campaign in waiting, a holding company filled with Clinton apparatchiks advancing the Clinton’s next big grab for power.

In the category of most disappointing contributions is the $1 million pledge to the Clinton Machine from Newsmax founder and publisher Chris Ruddy. Incredibly, Ruddy who chronicled the Clintons’ early crimes for the Pittshburgh Post-Gazette and who wrote the definitive book on the mysterious death of Clinton lawyer Vince Foster, now says Hillary would be a “great” president.

Ruddy went so far as to pen a piece for the Clinton Foundation website praising the Clintons purported contributions to health care for the poor in Mozambique. Does anyone really buy that my friend Chris Ruddy is interested in Mozambique’s health care system? When Newsmax is in bed with the Clintons something is really rotten in Denmark.

Buried among the enormous foreign government and Wall Street donations to the Clintons is a $25,000 payment from hedge fund billionaire and convicted pedophile, Friend of Bill Jeffrey Epstein. The former president visited Epstein’s hedonistic retreat in the U.S. Virgin Islands where underage teens were allegedly exploited to indulge the most debased sexual urges of Epstein and his VIP sex cohorts.

At least 17 times, Bubba accompanied the predatory billionaire on his luxurious private jet, complete with underage female consorts available for use on the giant elevated circular bed installed on the craft.

When New York Governor Eliot Spitzer received a donation from Epstein, Spitzer promptly and wisely returned the money. Even Spitzer, who has had his own share of bizarre sex-related scandal, saw the political, if not moral and ethical, problem in taking money from a child molester. When will the Clintons follow Spitzer’s lead and return the dirty money?