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Press Goes Nuts Over Prominent Female Politician’s E-Mails

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No, not that prominent female politician. This one.

Remember that whole thing back in 2011, when Palin was still considered a threat? National “news” outlets went bonkers, combing through her e-mails for any possible hint of scandal. They actually “crowdsourced” the e-mails, meaning they released them en masse and asked people to help them get Palin.

And do you remember what happened next? I remember what happened next.

Nothing. That’s what happened next. Because there was nothing there. No scandal. No news. Just a bunch of red-faced Democratic Party operatives with press passes.

Now we’ve got the news that Hillary Clinton illegally used private e-mail during her entire tenure as Secretary of State. There are no boxes and boxes of printouts, no evidence, because laws don’t apply to her. She’s above all that. She can do whatever she wants.

Now shut up and coronate her, America.

Hillary ’16!!



And if you’re confused about why this is coming out now:

Trey Gowdy is doing the job the media doesn’t want to do: vetting Hillary Clinton.

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Jim Treacher