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Separated At Birth: Media Matters Founder David Brock

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Media Matters founder and chairman David Brock is on a tear this week, calling on the New York Times to issue a
“prominent correction as soon as possible” for its so-called sloppy reporting on Hillary Clinton and her personal email scandal as Secretary of State.

Brock, clearly in Clinton’s camp, appeared on MSNBC Thomas Roberts‘ show Wednesday afternoon to expel more of his crap-filled beliefs.

Which gave The Mirror a great opportunity to closely examine his quasi Thomas Jefferson hairdo. “I think his hair gives him an air of nobility — his stately elegance if you will — and lends credibility for his ridiculous flacking for Hillary Clinton,” remarked my intrepidly observant coworker Patrick Howley.

There’s also a sweeping resemblance to Mrs. Doubtfire. And God forbid I leave out Thomas MesereauMichael Jackson‘s lawyer from his child molestation case, or George Washington.