‘Stop Rush’ Activists Target Rush Limbaugh’s Staff

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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A Rush Limbaugh employee is being targeted by left-wing activists who have illegally posted photographs of his immediate family.

Brian Glicklich, radio media consultant and spokesman for Rush Limbaugh, has come under the scanner of the “Stop Rush” advertiser boycott movement — a small collection of left-wing activists that use automated Twitter-based technologies to replicate the effect of national outrage when they go after local small businesses that advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. (MSNBC Host Krystal Ball Was Part of ‘Stop Rush’)

“In the course of my research, I discovered that Carol Kernahan Wallin was one of the primary instigators of harassment and intimidation of advertisers. I reported that in my official documents,” Glicklich said. He presented his documents at the time to The Daily Caller. Wallin is an activist linked to the “Stop Rush” advertiser boycott group. 

After TheDC’s report was published, Wallin posted a photograph of Glicklich and his wife at their wedding. The photograph included — in a completely tame tableau — Limbaugh, radio host Glenn Beck and sports commentator Jim Rome. Considering the threatening messages Glicklich, a radio professional, was receiving — including numerous late-night phone calls to his home — Glicklich asked Twitter to take down the photo of his family on copyright grounds. Twitter complied with his request.

Glicklich then sent a take-down request to the left-wing website The Daily Kos (which has since re-posted the photograph).

But little did Glicklich even know: Wallin was suing him.

Wallin sued Glicklich in California Superior Court early this year. Wallin went before a judge in two separate hearings before Glicklich even found out about it from an over-the-mail advertising solicitation for legal services — a legal hiring firm found his name on a list of pending cases in California.

Wallin was suing Glicklich for cyber harassment to prevent Glicklich from using her name or identifying information in public. This is a common activist tactic, meant to remove “Stop Rush” activists’ names from print.

The court struck down the claim for a Civil Harassment Order, citing no evidence, and ordered Wallin to serve Glicklich with the lawsuit if she wished to continue with it. She chose not to.

The only communication Glicklich ever had with Wallin was when he sent the official copyright claim letter to her — which he also sent to a Daily Kos executive — and a small handful of completely tame tweets focusing on the legal process. Wallin’s Twitter account, as of press time, is named “rushinruins.” She did not return TheDC’s tweeted requests for comment, nor did she respond to calls to a number listed under her name.

“The biggest objection that the leaders of Stop Rush have is their being identified by name and being associated with the odious comments they make,” Glicklich told The Daily Caller. “Shame is a powerful motivator and they should be ashamed of themselves, and they will be associated with their words. The fact that they become so violent and intimidating every time they are identified by name is proof of how ashamed they are of their actions.”

“This really exposes the true nature of the people behind it,” Glicklich continued. “Since the beginning, I’ve recognized that this is an effort of speech suppression, intimidation, and harassment, using Twitter as a convenient tool. Every action taken by the people behind this activity proves my point that they cannot tolerate free speech unless it is their own.”

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