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Welcome Back, Roger Clinton

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Remember him? Bill’s drunken, coked out, “There But for the Grace of Hilldog Go I” little brother? I don’t know about you, but I sure have missed seeing him in the news.

Yay! Brent Scher, Free Bacon:

The name of the mysterious individual who registered the servers for Hillary Clinton’s private email address used at the State Department bears a striking resemblance to a longtime Clinton aide…

The customer listed in records registering the Internet address to the Chappaqua home was “Eric Hoteham…”

…The name is similar to that of Eric Hothem, who worked as a staff assistant for Clinton during her time as First Lady.

Hothem was involved in multiple personal matters during his service to Clinton and played a role in the controversy surrounding the pardon given to former President Bill Clinton’s half-brother Roger Clinton.

A congressional investigation into Clinton’s clemency decisions found that as Roger Clinton refused to testify to the committee in March 2001, he received a $15,000 wire transfer from a Citibank account in the care of Hothem.

$15K? That sounds like quite a party! Just kidding, it was a loan from Bill and Hillary so Roger could obtain “legal counsel.” (Wink, wink.) The whole thing was completely above board.

The Clintons have always been a musical family, and Roger is no exception. Here he is on some German talk show back in the glorious ’90s, giving us his inimitable take on the R&B classic “Mustang Sally”:

The other guy is Chris Jagger, whose older brother is some guy called Mick. That’s some great blues music from the younger brothers of famous men. Eat your heart out, Jim Belushi!

Of course, this whole thing could be a big mistake. Eric Hoteham? Eric Hothem? They may very well be two different underlings in Clintonworld.

Can’t wait to find out. The Case of Hillary’s Secret E-Mail Server keeps getting better by the minute!