Andrea Mitchell Thought She Was Talking To A Passenger On LaGuardia Flight. She Wasn’t. [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Thursday’s snow day was not kind to Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC.

Shortly after news broke of a flight skidding off the runway at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, the MSNBC host thought she had gotten New York Giants tight end Larry Donnell — who was on the flight in question — on the phone to talk about his flight experience.

Unfortunately for Mitchell, it was not Larry Donnell. Rather, it was an unidentified prankster.

“Larry, first of all, how are you?” Mitchell asked the “witness”

“Uh, let me tell you, it was just crazy,” the voice on the phone said. “I’m fine. I’m fine now, but it was scary.”

“I can’t imagine how scary it was,” Mitchell replied. “Where were you sitting on the plane and when did you first know you were all in trouble.”

“I was sitting in, uh, the fuck her in the pussy,” the prankster said

“And what happened as you were coming in for the landing,” Mitchell responded, seeming unsure of what just took place. “Did the pilot get on — Tom Costello if you could jump in here. I think we just lost our connection to Larry Donnell.”

“No. I think we were being had, Andrea,” said Costello, an NBC News correspondent. “I think that, uh — I don’t think that was a legitimate witness based on what he just said on the air. He uttered some profanities. I’m not sure that he’s legit.”

“Ok, our apologies to all of our viewers. We’re sorry about that,” Mitchell said before moving on.