Bare Breasts Caused A School District Employee To Get Reassigned, Possibly Fired

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School district officials in Greenburgh, N.Y. have reassigned an employee because she and her bare breasts appeared in a movie that addresses the strong desire of a group of women to expose their nipples in public.

The school employee is Victoria Bolton, reports The Journal News, a suburban New York paper.

The movie, released in December, is “Free the Nipple.” Bolton, 37, had a bit part as one of a couple dozen women clad (at times) in ski masks who take off their shirts and pose with their areolas in the wind in different places around New York City.

In her real job, Bolton works as a computer aide in the Greenburgh Central School District, amid the comfortable sprawl about 25 miles north of Manhattan.

“I thought about it, and found out it was legal,” Bolton told The Journal News concerning her decision to appear topless in the docudrama. “Besides, I support equal rights for women. I’m not ashamed of it.”

She noted a 1992 New York state court ruling that the women of the Empire State can show the world their nipples just like men can.

At the same time, legality is not always the same thing as the ability to keep a job.

Last week, Bolton’s bosses interrogated her about the movie and then reassigned her from a job at Woodlands High School to a job at the main school district administration building.

Also, Greenburgh assistant superintendent for business Mary O’Neill sent Bolton a letter demanding that Bolton to change her Facebook settings to private.

Bolton’s Facebook page featured an image of her and other thespians in “Free the Nipple” appearing topless at the Dec. 11 premiere of the movie at a Greenwich Village theater.

O’Neill also warned Bolton, an Air Force veteran who has the license plate “SXYTECHY” on her Mercedes, that future topless appearances could get her fired.

“I caution you to either limit your acting roles to those that will not result in nudity that is openly accessible to students in our district or consider whether your district position is one you can maintain, given your acting career,” the school official wrote.

Bolton decided to restrict Facebook access to only friends, but she isn’t happy.

“This district has bigger issues than my boobs,” she told The Journal News.

“Free The Nipple” does not fare well at all on the movie review aggregation review site Rotten Tomatoes. It garners a positive review rating of just 18 percent.

Satisfied critics call the flick a “scrappy satire inspired by a real-life movement to nationally legalize a woman’s right to go topless in public.”

Unhappy critics call the movie “bland,” “shallow,” “painful to watch,” “the cinematic equivalent of a billboard,” and “a painfully amateurish piece of filmmaking.”

Certainly, Bolton is the not the first person in the education business to run afoul of administrators because of her breasts.

In January 2014, school officials in Fitchburg, Mass. placed professional teacher’s aide Kaitlin “Kaity” Pearson on administrative leave after learning that she worked as a non-nude model to make extra cash and looked really good in a skimpy bathing suit — or, in some cases, even less. Pearson was later reinstated. (RELATED: Teacher Sent Home For Being Too Sexy, Model Of The Year)

In the fall of 2013, the Dallas Independent School District fired Cristy Nicole Deweese, who will always be The Daily Caller’s favorite Spanish teacher, for posing nude in Playboy. Deweese, 21 at the time of her sacking, was Playboy’s “Coed of the Month” in February 2011 when she was an 18-year-old college student.(RELATED: Hasta La Vista, Baby: First-Year High School Teacher Who Posed For Playboy Now Out Of A Job)

Also in 2013, Olivia Sprauer, a former freshman English teacher in Florida, showed the whole of her junk in Hustler magazine. Sprauer, who goes by her far sexier model name Victoria V. James, was featured on the March 2014 cover of Hustler (slogan, at least at one time: “Hardcore since ’74”). Inside, she had her very own 14-page photo spread. (RELATED: Former Freshman English Teacher Graces Cover Of Hustler)

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