Krauthammer On Hillary: Dems Enduring ‘Early Onset Clinton Fatigue’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In an appearance on Friday’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer remarked that Democrats are currently going through “early onset Clinton fatigue” as the saga surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails continues. The conservative commentator also told host Bret Baier that Sen. Elizabeth Warren could “change the game” in the Democratic primary, telling the host if she announced her candidacy “there would be a poll out in a week and she would be ahead.”

KRAUTHAMMER: They can’t throw her under the bus. There’s no room under the bus. They will have to get a second bus. Look, I think her problem is that she can’t run on her record. Ask yourself, what did she achieve as secretary of state? Nothing. What was her signature achievement as senator? I can’t remember. What did she achieve as First Lady? HillaryCare, which went down in flames.

She is running on two things: gender and her name. And her name evokes the ’90s. until these recent scandals, it would evoke the good stuff in the ’90s. Peace and prosperity, her association with it. It is really a tremendous asset, but what has happened is people are re-remembering the other side of the ’90s and the Clintons, and that was a sort of low-level corruption, above-the-law, Clintonisms. That is what hurts you. What we are getting right now is early onset Clinton fatigue. She runs because the Clintons are undeterred by anything.

There is one name who would change the game. If Elizabeth Warren were to announce — she doesn’t want to, but if she did announce that she is running, there would be a poll out in a week and she would be ahead, and everything would change.