Krauthammer On Hillary Presser: ‘It’s The ’90s All Over Again’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Hillary Clinton’s Tuesday comments about her emails show her determination to “not let anything get out of her control.” Krauthammer also added that the email situation is essentially a flashback to the 1990s.

KRAUTHAMMER: It’s the ’90s all over again. The key statement here is when she said ‘the server is private and I’m hanging on to it. No one’s going to have a look at it.’ She was asked would you have an impartial outside observer go in and decide which ones are private and which aren’t. No. Basically, we own it. I think what this stems from is from the 1990s when she was very much against Bill acquiescing to a special prosecutor on Whitewater. She thought that was a catastrophic mistake, they should have continued stonewalling. The rest of the administration, the Clinton administration, assumed it would relieve the pressure and it did for a while, but the problem is then that the Monica Lewinsky scandal happened and the prosecutor just sort of shifted into Lewinsky investigation mode and it almost destroyed her husband’s presidency.

She is determined never to let things out of her control. So what she is essentially saying is ‘I control the emails and no one’s ever going to have a look at it. I had no reason to keep the private emails,’ which implies they are destroyed or deleted. But she is not going to make that mistake again. This is going to be stonewalled called from here until election day.