MSNBC’s Touré: Clintons Seem To Feel ‘Arrogant,’ ‘Above The Rules’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Host of MSNBC’s “The Cycle” Touré Neblett asked after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s press conference on her private email usage why the Clintons often seemed “arrogant” and “seem to feel above the rules.” (VIDEO: Liberal MSNBC Host: Hillary’s Emails Were ‘Designed To Defy The Law’)

Neblett made the comments during an interview with NBC reporter Perry Bacon Jr. “Perry, you wonder why the Clintons seem to feel above the rules, seem to feel arrogant as some people say,” he said. “And this is an unforced error, it’s political malpractice, something she could have easily avoided. Surely somebody in her circle, if not her herself, had to have said, ‘Ugh, this is not a good idea.'”

But Neblett also said the email scandal wouldn’t hurt Clinton politically at all. “And you agree, I think we both agree, this is not going to have major elector implications in the primary or the general. So here you see she can make mistakes and survive them.”

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