‘No-Show!’: Ed Schultz Lashes Out At Obama For Abandoning Unions [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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MSNBC host and labor advocate Ed Schultz blasted the Obama administration for not standing up for labor workers on “The Ed Show” Tuesday.

One day after Scott Walker dealt another blow to unions by signing right-to-work into law in Wisconsin, Schultz said Obama and the administration have been a “no show” since taking office.

“I have wanted to say this for a long time,” Schultz started. “All of the sudden President Obama and Vice President Biden are concerned about the depletion of union membership in America and the general attack on unions.”

Schultz played Biden’s comments before the International Association of Firefighters Tuesday, where he said that “war has been declared on labor’s house.”

“So what has caused this wake-up call? May we set the record straight tonight?” Schultz said. “President Obama has been a no-show when it comes to supporting the very people who put him in office. That’s right. President Obama would have never beaten Hillary Clinton without union support. He would have never defeated John McCain without union support. He would have never beaten Romney and be reelected without union support.”

“When the workers were in the streets in Wisconsin, President Obama was a no-show, in fact his advisers said that this was a state issue,” Schultz continued. “When state after state was pushing right-to-work legislation, this president was never on the road advocating against it when workers needed it.”

“Let’s talk about the Employee Free Choice Act. It never saw the light of day under the Obama administration and that was the top priority of unions in 2008,” Schultz railed. “Now the president wants to do a trade deal that every union in this country is opposed to and firmly against. You can’t claim to support the middle class and take these positions.”

“The unions are afraid to tell President Obama what they really think. The unions need a political foot soldier in the next race,” Schultz continued. “I think unions have been burned by some Democrats and this administration and that there needs to be a different path forward, a different future mapped out if we’re going to save the middle class in this country.”

“For them to go to these firefighter conventions today and say, ‘Hey, there’s an attack on workers.’ Really? Just getting that?” Schultz said. “The folks in Wisconsin could have used President Obama’s influence on the Walker recall and also on the Walker re-election effort… If the Democrats really want to support workers in this country, the lines are very clear. You’re either with the workers or you’re not.”

“Where is the campaign against the right-to-work effort that’s taking place and, oh, by the way, just yesterday Scott Walker signed right-to-work into law in Wisconsin. Where are the national Democrats?” Schultz complained. “Wait a minute: they’ve got a message, ‘There’s an attack on workers.’ Unions saying they’re not going to give any money is fantastic. I hope they hold the line.”