Russian Soccer Coach LITERALLY Kicks The Sh*t Out Of His Own Player [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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We’ve all heard terrible stories about uber-intense youth sports coaches, but I’ve never seen anything that comes close to what this Russian soccer coach did to one of his young players.  

Apparently, the coach — who for the record is also my nominee for “Prick of the Year” — thought that a match between Lokomotiv Moscow and Brateevo Moscow was the perfect opportunity to teach his team a little, life-lesson courtesy of the Cobra Kai school of soccer.


No mercy.

What amazes me most is how that kid just got up and kept playing like nothing happened. Either this kind of thing is a regular, albeit disturbing occurrence — which wouldn’t be that big of a surprise because… you know… Russia — or this little Ruski is the second coming of Daniel LaRusso.



[h/t Bro Bible]

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