Black Activist: White Militia Group May Be Responsible For Shooting Ferguson Cops

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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There have not yet been any arrests, or description of suspects, in this week’s shootings of two Ferguson, Missouri police officers, but one black activist says he has a hunch who is responsible.

Martin Davis, an author and activist, appeared on Tim Constantine’s D.C.-based radio show Thursday and said he suspects the shooter was part of some type of white militia trying to cause chaos.

“What I’m thinking is it was either somebody who was some type of great sharpshooter, some type of militia, some type of, you know, just person who wanted to see chaos that night,” Davis said on the show. “Because I really just don’t see somebody hitting those officers the way they did at that distance that’s a novice with a firearm.”

Pressed by the host, Tim Constantine, if he was suggesting that the shooter or shooters were white and trying to provoke black-white strife, Davis said: “You know that’s just where my head is right now. I’m just thinking like a person that says, ‘who can be that good of a shot from that type of a distance.’ It’s not your typical gang-banger. Something tells me they’re going to find this a lot deeper than just some protestor that decided he was going to take shots at the police.”

Davis isn’t the only person making this argument. Democratic Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed said on MSNBC she wonders if the shootings were carried out by ISIS or white supremacists who are “trying to incite a race riot.”


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