Hillary Brought An Unsecured Email Address To Hacker-Happy China

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton brought an unsecured email address to China, where hacking is so widespread that Clinton’s own department trained employees to watch out for it.

Clinton’s private email address was not secure when she began her tenure at the State Department in 2009.

The security firm Venafi concluded this week that, “for the first three months of Secretary Clinton’s term, access to the server was not encrypted or authenticated with a digital certificate.” That means hackers could have had a field day with the account.

Clinton also traveled to China in February 2009, which fell during that three-month period.

China is rife with hackers, a fact that private companies are well aware of, and that Hillary’s own State Department trained traveling employees to be wary of.

“At the State Department, employees get specific instruction on how to secure their devices in Russia and China, and are briefed annually on general principles of security,” the New York Times reported in February 2012 during Clinton’s tenure at the department.

“Everybody knows that if you are doing business in China, in the 21st century, you don’t bring anything with you. That’s ‘Business 101’ — at least it should be,” cybersecurity expert Jacob Olcott told the Times.

Clinton acknowledged in January 2010 that her State Department was investigating a possible Chinese government hacker attack of Google.

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