Democratic Women’s Group Apologizes For Attacking GOP With Rape Analogy

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women (WVFDW) was forced to apologize after complaining on Twitter that the Republican Party was “raping” the state of West Virginia.

“Thank God that is over!” the now-deleted tweet read, after a bill in the West Virginia House of Delegates on gas drilling failed to pass. “The raping of West Virginia by the Republican Party is over until 2016 #WVPol #GOPDisaster.”


The WVFDW also responded rather callously when a rape survivor called them out on the analogy. “I think your tweet was gross and as a survivor I take offense,” she said.

“Noted,” they responded.


But twelve hours after the initial rape tweet, the group finally apologized, saying “Our use of the phrase ‘raping of West Virginia’ was inappropriate. We apologize.”

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