Megyn Kelly & Judge Napolitano Lay Into Hillary: ‘This Is A Potential Catastrophe For Her’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Fox News host Megyn Kelly and senior judicial correspondent Judge Andrew Napolitano tore into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the State Department for both refusing to say whether of not Clinton signed a document legally requiring her to hand over private emails.

“[The State Department] are still stonewalling,” Kelly  complained. “They either don’t know whether she signed that OF-109 form, or they know and won’t tell us. But somebody at State is putting poor [State Department spokeswoman] Jen Psaki in a terrible position.” (VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Dodges Question From Fox’s Ed Henry On Potential Perjury)

“If Mrs. Clinton did not sign that document, then she stole federal documents from the federal government,” Napolitano said. “If she did sign that document, she committed perjury, because the document says, ‘I certify that I have surrendered everything to you.'”

He noted that the purpose of the law was to allow the government to look over emails to decide which personal ones could be kept. “She denied the government the ability to do that, and now she keeps changing her story.”

“It’s a very simple question,” Kelly noted. “When Jen Psaki was asked today, ‘Did you look? There’s got to be a file on all the State Department employees,’ she said, ‘Well, she’s a top official.’ Well, all the more reason why it would be easy to find!” (VIDEO: AP Reporter Grills State Department: Why Have Russian Hackers Seen More Emails Than American Public?)

“There’s gotta to be a very narrow file with respect to all former secretaries,” she insisted. “Just open it up and look! You can’t tell me they don’t know!”

Kelly and Napolitano noted that there was actually a second missing document from another State employee, certifying that Clinton turned over her emails. “Guess what? We FOIAed that one too!” an exasperated Kelly said. “We asked for two documents, very simple, yes or no, do they exist? That is simple!”

“This is a potential catastrophe for her,” Napolitano agreed. “It may even involve Secretary of State Kerry, whose job it is to assure that his predecessor’s documents are there at the State Department…”

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