Dana Perino: Obama Signaling To Hamas And Hezbollah That It’s ‘Open Season’ On Israel [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Fox News host and former White House press secretary Dana Perino said on “The Kelly File” that the Obama administration is signaling to terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah that it is “open season on Israel” with its comments that their support for the Jewish nation at the United Nations was in jeopardy.

“There was [a] troubling report tonight, I think out of a senior administration official,” Perino said, “someone floating a little bit of a trial balloon out there to say there might be some problems now that the United States has with Israel, and that might actually leak into conversations at the United Nations Security Council, in which Europe has not been supportive of Israel.”

“If the White House — if the president in his last two years floats an idea that the United States may not support Israel at the United Nations, even if he doesn’t mean it, but if it is out of spite, that is a huge problem,” she opined. “Because what it does is it signals to Hamas and Hezbollah that it is open season on Israel.”

“So I would just hope that the president would just take a breath,” Perino concluded, “It’s OK to call, say congratulations, and move on.” (VIDEO: Jindal Slams Obama For ‘Disrespecting Israel And The Jewish People’)

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