Jewish Student Admits Swastika Hoax In Jewish Frat Dorm At George Washington U.

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A student at The George Washington University posted a swastika on a residence hall bulletin board belonging to a Jewish fraternity on Monday.

The student is Jewish and had been — until this week — an active member of the fraternity.

Disturbed students who saw the swastika on the bulletin board immediately informed police, reports The Washington Post.

The Jewish student who decided to display the swastika on the Jewish fraternity’s bulletin board told police he acquired the item in India on a spring break trip.

In the Western world, the swastika is the most readily identifiable representation of Nazi Germany and anti-Semitism. In India, the symbol signifies good fortune and is considered sacred among adherents of Hinduism and Buddhism (and Jainism).

National leaders of the fraternity, Zeta Beta Tau, expelled the unidentified student from the Greek organization.

The student’s frat brothers also weren’t pleased.

“This type of behavior is unacceptable and is not tolerated by the brothers of this fraternity,” Nick Carr, president of the Zeta Beta Tau chapter George Washington, declared in a statement obtained by the Post. “We are appalled by the actions taken by this undergraduate.”

Steven Knapp, president of George Washington U., said in a statement that the intentions behind the on-campus Nazi motif will not affect his determination to call it a hate crime.

“While the student claims his act was not an expression of hatred, the university is referring the matter…for review by its Hate Crimes Unit,” Knapp said.

The private, expensive college in Washington, D.C. has been the scene of other swastika appearances lately.

In January, students in a dormitory where members of a largely Jewish sorority reported seeing swastikas in the dorm. The culprit behind that signage apparently remains on the lam.

Instances of fake hate crimes pop up on America’s college campuses every year — like clockwork. Students (and professors) tend to commit the hoaxes to make some political statement or get a major reaction out of their college campuses. (RELATED: Fake ‘Hate Crimes’ Continue To Plague Campuses)

The most famous such incident of recent vintage occurred at Oberlin College in 2013 when two Obama-supporting white kids allegedly unfurled a huge swastika poster and generally circulated virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus. (RELATED: Meet The Privileged Obama-Supporting White Kids Who Perpetrated Cruel Oberlin Race Hoax)

And who could forget Meg Lanker-Simons? She’s the then-28-year-old University of Wyoming student who anonymously posted a rape threat declaring she wanted to “hatefuck” herself on a Facebook page called UW Crushes. (RELATED: Police Say 28-Year-Old Undergrad Threatened Herself With Rape In Facebook Hoax)

Of course, it’s not terribly surprising that such a hoax would occur on the George Washington campus — America’s dirtiest, rottenest, cheatingest, lyingest (nonprofit) college. (RELATED: SCUMBAG COLLEGES: TheDC’s Definitive List)

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