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Trey Gowdy to Hillary Clinton: Hand Over Your E-Mail Server

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As we all know, #Emailghazi is over. That’s why this is happening.

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times:

The committee investigating Benghazi formally requested Friday that Hillary Rodham Clinton turn her email server over to an independent third party so it can be scrutinized to determine whether she and the Obama administration complied with open-records laws.

Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy sent a letter to the former secretary of state’s personal lawyer making the request, which he said only comes after “exhaustive efforts” to get a look at her communications during the time of the 2012 terrorist attack on the diplomatic post in Libya’s second-largest city.

Silly Trey Gowdy and his latest dumb haircut. Just because Clinton broke the law, destroyed incriminating evidence, and thumbed her nose at the very idea of government transparency, that doesn’t mean she can be held accountable for it! Besides, it’s tough to turn over an e-mail server after it’s been doused in Crown Royal and set on fire.

Your turn, libs: Deflect, deny, dismiss. That’s all you can do.