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Matt Lee Rules

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If you don’t know who Matt Lee is, you should. He’s a reporter for the Associated Press, and he’s one of the few remaining mainstream journalists who doesn’t merely transcribe whatever a Democrat tells him. He actually believes in such a thing as objective truth, regardless of policy goals.

You might recognize Matt from the following supercut. If not, get to know him now, before our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters grow tired of his unceasing insolence:

“Please don’t say that you’re making it clear when you’re making it unclear.” Everybody should say this to these people, every single day.

I sure hope Jen Psaki’s jaw is okay. The worse the Obama administration screws up, the more she grinds her teeth.

Matt Lee gets to talk back directly when the State Department lies to him. Most of us don’t have that pleasure. I thank him for remembering his job description. Maybe his skepticism of power, even when the power is liberal, will rub off on the rest of them.

(Hat tip: Free Bacon)