INSANE Brawl Between Two Greek Soccer Teams [VIDEO]

Scott Cook Contributor
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Players from two lower-tier Greek soccer teams erupted into a crazy on-field brawl after a free kick. Actually, crazy might be an understatement. The brawl was nothing short of COMPLETELY LUDICROUS.

It all started after a player from the Blue Team scored a free-kick goal. One of his teammates started celebrating the goal and ran in front of the Black Team’s goalie in celebration. Apparently the goalie didn’t take too kindly to his celebration and tripped the player. The Blue Team player got up and continued to run down field, where he was then tripped again and KICKED IN THE HEAD by another player on the Black Team. After getting up again, he was chased around the field by almost everyone on the Black Team. His fellow Blue teammates attempted to stop the Black Team players, and soon enough all players were engaged in fighting.

You have to see this to believe it!


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