Glenn Beck Compares Lying Harry Reid To Satan: ‘This Is Straight-Up Evil’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The eponymous host of the “Glenn Beck Program” said in the wake of Harry Reid admitting he didn’t care about lying about Mitt Romney’s tax return that the Democratic Senator Minority Leader was “straight-up evil,” and akin to Saul Alinsky and Satan.

“I want to talk to you about Harry Reid, who I believe is quite possibly evil,” he said. “I’m leaving on the table that he’s gone insane.”

“This is a guy who shares my faith,” said Beck, who is also Mormon. “Actually, no he doesn’t. No he doesn’t. He doesn’t share my faith. Because if that’s the faith, I don’t want anything to do with the faith.”

“Saul Alinsky, ends justify the means,” he continued. “Let’s give the tip of a hat to the first radical, Satan. I mean, that is evil. It’s evil! And what’s amazing about it, really, I haven’t heard anything about this. We accept this now. We accept this. This is a guy who claims to be a religious guy. We accept it.” (VIDEO: White House Refuses To Condemn Harry Reid’s Mitt Romney Lie)

“What’s the Muslim thing, taqiyya, where you can lie to further Islam?” co-host Pat Gray joked. “I don’t think they have that in Mormonism.”

“We have tried never to judge a man’s soul,” Beck told his co-hosts. “We’ve always been — but this is evil. This is straight-up evil.”


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