Limbaugh BASHES Apple CEO, Leftists Over Indiana Criticism, Support Of Iran [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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With the Iran talks moving forward and chatter surrounding the Indiana law not ending, Rush Limbaugh took his frustrations out on leftists and Apple’s CEO for their backward priorities on the two matters.

Limbaugh seemed perplexed at the current reality of leftists supporting Iran, a nation that murders homosexuals, while taking their ire out at Indiana over its religious freedom law. The conservative radio host also lashed out at Apple CEO Tim Cook for going after the Indiana law while having more stores in Tehran than in the entire state of Indiana.

“My point overall is leftists all of the sudden now are applauding and celebrating a brand new nation being wept into the nuclear fold. And of all nations it is Iran,” Limbaugh said. “When did this transformation happen I ask? Since when do leftists, lunatic insane leftists, sit idly by — in some cases not sitting idly. In some cases they’re applauding and supporting an American president helping an evil oil-producing country to boot!”

“Iran ought to be the absolute worst place on earth if leftists are honest about themselves. Iran produces oil. Iran murders, executes homosexuals,” Limbaugh said. “Did you know that Apple Inc. has more stores selling iPhones and iPads in Tehran than they do in all of Indiana. And yet the CEO sees fit to describe life in Indiana as unfit and un-American while there are more stores in one city in Iran selling Apple products in a country that executes homosexuals when they are discovered. And no sense of irony is seen. No sense of hypocrisy is seen.”

Limbaugh’s statements mirror those of columnist George Will’s, who slammed Cook Tuesday on “Special Report.” Will took the Apple CEO to task over his dealings in Saudi Arabia, a nation that continues to persecute individuals for being gay. (RELATED: George Will To Apple CEO On ‘Horrible’ Indiana: But You Do Business In Homophobic Saudi Arabia?)

“So we have a country that’s a state-sponsor of terrorism, acknowledged to be. We have a country that is a huge producer of oil, which the left supposedly detests and hates and reviles and despises,” Limbaugh said.

“Here’s a country that executes homosexuals. Stones to death women who dare to speak up, dare to complain about being raped. If a woman in Iran gets raped and complains about it, they punish her,” Limbaugh continued. “A country that produces oil and threatens innocent people a world over with state-sponsored terrorism, and now the President of the United States is about to enable them getting a nuclear weapon and leftists sit idly by.”

“Leftists are so concerned, so disturbed, so upset, so panicked about what’s going on in Indiana? Something doesn’t sound right here to me,” Limbaugh railed. “If the leftists were being honest, if the leftists were being true to form, they’d be opposing Obama and everything he’s trying to do in Iran. Helping a country that butchers gays, butchers women, denies — civil rights is not even a concept in this country. Human rights not even a concept. Plus they have oil. The President of the United States sitting by, helping them go or become nuclear.”

“Doesn’t make any sense to me,” Limbaugh added.