Salon: Pizzeria Closed After Death Threats ‘Getting Exactly What It Deserved’

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Liberal clickbait factory wants to let you know that Memories Pizza, the pizzeria supportive of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act that was forced to close after constant abuse and death threats, got “exactly what it deserved.” (RELATED: Owners Of Indiana Pizzeria Opposed To Gay Marriage Receive Death Threats)

In a now-deleted tweet, Salon’s Twitter account gloated over the closure of “anti-LGBT” pizza shop:


The link in the body of the tweet goes to a very brief Salon article which reports on Memories Pizza’s closure, but omits any mention of the death threats:

The owners of a small-town pizza shop who showed support for Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act have announced that they will be closing indefinitely, after facing mounting protests outside the physical establishment and online. Memories Pizza owner Kevin O’Connor told Fox News on Wednesday that due to an inability to differentiate between real and fake orders, he and his family would be taking a break.

“Because I don’t believe in something that they want, they see fit to be angry about it,” O’Connor said. “It’s just been ugly. I don’t know what to call it.”

Conservative Twitter users hit back at Salon over the tweet.

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