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Brady Campaign Runs A Perverted ‘Joke’ Video To Appeal For More Gun Control In Low Crime States [VIDEO]

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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The anti-gun Brady Campaign has a new video out to the public promoting its website Get it? It’s supposed to be like The site advises people where it’s easy to buy guns so its supporters can rally against the gun laws in those states. Because, nobody knows what your state needs better than someone who doesn’t live there.

The problem with the Brady Campaign logic is that the states it is targeting for more gun laws are the states where fewest people actually get murdered by guns.

Brady applauds 10 states for their strict gun control: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Illinois.

Together those states combined for a total of 2,953 gun related murders in 2010 according to the FBI. There is nothing like the safe streets of Oakland, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago and Newark to make your argument for keeping the citizenry unarmed.

The Brady Campaign points out 15 states where it is easiest to buy guns. However to make the comparison of 10 states to 10 states I’ve trimmed the list. To give the Brady Campaign the benefit of the doubt I kept in the top six states with the highest gun ownership rates in the country in the “bad state” list. If “more guns, less crime” is a false statement then the numbers will work in the Brady Campaign’s favor.

Ten dangerous states according to Brady Campaign are: Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Nevada, Maine, Mississippi, Idaho and New Mexico. Yup, those are the states where the gun crazies live all right.

Together those 10 states combined for a total of 539 gun related murders. Those 10 states have less than half of the gun related murders than “can’t we all get along” California does alone.

Even if we add back the five states the Brady Campaign identifies as dangerous we have a total of 2,176 gun related murders. Still far less than the states the Brady Campaign wants to emulate with a less armed population.

One glaring omission to the Brady’s list of gun controlled areas is Washington D.C., which has a gun ownership rate of 3.8 percent and yet has the highest rate of gun murders with 16.5 per 100,000 residents. Compared to wild-wild-west Wyoming where 59.7 percent of the people own guns and they have a murder rate of 0.9 gun related murders per 100,000 people. D.C., has a similar population to Wyoming with both having about 600,000 residents. The Brady Campaign is headquartered in D.C.

Another glaring omission by the Brady Campaign is the State of Vermont which had only two gun related deaths despite a gun ownership rate over 40 percent. To make the numbers even more in favor of gun ownership Vermont concealed carry does not require a permit, license, training requirements or anything else for that matter to carry concealed. If you can legally own the gun, you may carry the gun concealed.

To give the Brady Campaign the benefit of the doubt, the gun ownership rates are from 2007 – which is before the Obama gun buying surge. Since the big gun surge of 2008-2014 gun ownership rates have soared and gun murder rates have dropped, much to the dismay of gun grabbers everywhere.

The Brady Campaign is desirous of changing the gun laws of states that have low gun murders to reflect the laws of the states where gun murders are common, all to make the states where gun murders are common, safer. It makes no sense.

I understand that gun control supporters want to keep illegal guns out of their state. What they need to understand is that they must first control their criminals before demanding gun control legislation for states where gun crime is not a problem.

Watch the Brady Campaign’s oh so very cool video where a woman sticks a gun in her mouth to be funny.


Gun Control “Good Brady” States Gun Murders % Gun Ownership
California 1257 21.30%
Connecticut 97 16.70%
Massachusetts 118 12.60%
New Jersey 246 12.30%
New York 517 18%
Hawaii 7 6.70%
Maryland 293 21.30%
Rhode Island 16 12.80%
Delaware 38 25.50%
Illinois 364 20.20%
Total 2953
Pro Second Amendment “Bad Brady” States
Alaska 19 57.80%
Wyoming 5 59.70%
Montana 12 57.70%
Arkansas 93 55.30%
Kentucky 116 47.70%
Nevada 84 33.80%
Maine 11 40.50%
Mississippi 120 55.30%
Idaho 12 55.30%
New Mexico 67 34.80%
Total 539
Mike Piccione