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Conservative Leader: Obama Makes Sure ‘We Can’t Root For America’ [VIDEO]

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A savvy conservative leader — uniquely experienced in public service and effective political work — says President Obama is destroying the country, its institutions and the presidency itself.

Matt Schlapp, the new chairman of the American Conservative Union, sat down with The Daily Caller for a 30 minute video interview. He explained how President Obama is boldly usurping his congressional prerogatives, while being strangely averse to building relationships with either political party.

With no big bipartisan legislative achievements, Obama breaks the mold for what Americans expect of a president, while only serving his radical left base. Under this administration, Schlapp says, “we can’t root for America.” In his opinion, the president is not keeping this country together and the ACU chairman hopes the 2016 election marks “an end to the Obama era.”

In January, the good-natured and principled Schlapp completed his maiden voyage of running a successful CPAC as the new chairman of ACU, one of the oldest grassroots organization for conservatives. He is refreshingly open to bringing new voices and different ideas together to make the conservative movement grow, prosper and win.

Whether the Hillary Clinton email scandal was instigated by Obama operatives or others, Schlapp says we know one thing about those two camps – “they hate each other.” As a former White House staffer targeted by a congressional investigator, Democrat Henry Waxman, on the alleged personal email accounts being used at the Bush White House, Schlapp finds Mrs. Clinton’s hypocrisy — after condemning the Bush administration on this issue — on wanting personal emails she could control “inappropriate, reckless, and risky.”

But, from what he hears, the March 10 Clinton presser set off a “Democrat earthquake” as they suddenly saw her lapse of judgment and poor performance. Schlapp’s fear is that she is imploding too early as he “wants [the Republican nominee] to run against her.”

On the state of the conservative movement, Schlapp says conservatives are right to worry about the future of the nation. His tips to activists are to stay involved, see the big change they have brought to Washington in a relatively short time, and stay in good spirits while remembering that the fight for this nation depends on the Republican Party.

His advice for Republicans is to not make the Ralph Nader mistake made by the Democrats in 2000, allowing George W. Bush to win because of their divided base. Schlapp agrees that Republicans should have fought to stop Obama’s executive amnesty on the Homeland Security spending bill. He spells out two fatigue syndromes plaguing Republicans – the use of the “power of the purse” could cause a feared government shutdown and Republican oversight and investigations range from weak to nonexistent.

He says, “we’re so damn nice!” Schlapp wants the letters sent from Oversight chairman Jason Chaffetz to be as respected and feared as were Democrat letters sent to past Republican officials.


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