For Easter, Lindsay Lohan Got In A Leotard And Froze Her A** Off [PHOTOS]

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Easter got weird this year.

Kate Upton wore lingerie and laid in a bed full of plastic eggs, and the Kardashians wore crop tops to church. Charlotte McKinney was topless on a boat.

But Lindsay Lohan’s might have been the weirdest.

The 28-year-old shared this photo on Instagram Sunday, and wrote, “Happy Easter! freezing our way into spring chickens! #zimmerIceLab -110 celsius & -230 Fahrenheit.”

Lindsay Lohan photos

(Photo: Instagram)

It was for Whole Body Cryotherapy, where people wear very little and sit in sub-freezing temperatures for therapeutic benefits, like improving blood circulation.

It seems like a pretty Lindsay Lohan way to spend a holiday.

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