Ripple: Nike Golf’s Latest Commercial Is 2 Minutes Of PURE INSPIRATION [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

Say what you want about Tiger Woods, but you can’t deny that at his peak he was one of the most admired golfers of all time.

Tiger’s dominance on the course inspired an entire generation to strive for success on the links, and the top-guns on tour today grew up inspired by his play. In recent years, Rory McIlroy has surpassed Tiger as the world’s No. 1-ranked golfer, but Nike’s top two strikers share an interesting relationship, portrayed in the latest Nike Golf latest commercial:

Extraordinary athletes serve as idols to the next generation. Their greatness inspires, and in turn, the inspired become role models themselves. Tiger Woods idolized Jack Nicklaus. Rory McIlroy looked up to Tiger Woods. And now, Woods and McIlroy compete side by side as they fuel the dreams of sport’s future greats. It’s a ripple effect.

In that vein, Nike Golf has created a new film, “Ripple,” that captures the powerful influence of Woods on a young McIlroy. “Ripple” is a story of relentless pursuit by two remarkable athletes, Woods and McIlroy, and their respective paths to greatness.

Long story short — it’s a tearjerker.


Just do it.

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