Patrick Peterson Reveals He’s Diabetic

Evan Wilt Contributor
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All-Pro Arizona cornerback Patrick Peterson confirmed that he is diabetic and that it hurt his performance early in the 2014 season.

Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians first revealed that Peterson battled low blood sugar in a February interview.

“Yeah, it did [affect my performance],” Peterson told The Arizona Republic in an interview published Monday. “I’d rather not go into deep detail about that. It was a situation that it occurred during the season. The team docs found it and got it all under wraps.”

Despite the condition, Peterson earned his fourth Pro Bowl trip and recorded three interceptions and more than 50 tackles.

Having to alter diet and lifestyle, Peterson noted that he and the Cardinals’ medical staff “wrangled it and we moved forward from it.”

“I am a diabetic. Let’s just keep it that way,” he said.