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Zach Braff Wants To Make Pizza For Your Gay Wedding

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Nobody can force him to, or force him not to. Because this is still America. That’s the whole point.

But forget it, he’s rolling.

How much extra to get somebody else to deliver it?

In other gay-pizza news, you might have heard about Dana Loesch raising over $800,000 for the targets of that seething leftist smear campaign. Check out what this columnist for Yahoo Tech thinks about that:

Having shown his bias, Tynan now expects Loesch to cooperate with him as he “investigates” GoFundMe:

He’s at deadline, and the people he publicly maligned aren’t treating him with the respect he thinks he deserves? Boo-hoo-hoo!

He made his baseless accusation of homophobia in public. Why would Loesch or anybody else trust him to tell the truth about a private conversation?

And then:

Yep. Because he’s the good guy.

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Jim Treacher