Ben Carson: Obama Iran Deal A ‘Slap In The Face To The Founders’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Dr. Ben Carson said Thursday that the Iran deal negotiated by President Barack Obama without input from the Congress was a “slap in the face to the Founders.” (RELATED: Ben Carson: President Obama Is A ‘Psychopath’)

Carson made the remarks on CNN’s “New Day.”

HOST CHRIS CUOMO: You had said, ‘Hey, this is a little bit like Obamacare, we’re not going to know what this deal is until we pass it.’ Is that a fair criticism, or is it a little bit of a cheap shot? Because we know it’s a framework; we know we don’t know the details yet. Is that a fair criticism?

CARSON: Well let’s put it this way: this is an incredibly important thing. And there’s a reason we have a government that’s structured the way it is. We have a republic-type government, which is a representative government. So something that has this much of an implication on the future of our nation, our representatives need to be involved.

For the executive branch just to decide we’re going to do this our way, we don’t care that much what you guys have to say, really is a slap in the face to the Founders of this nation and to the way our government is set up.

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