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BuzzFeed Post Attacks ‘Straight White Male’ Publishers

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Straight, white, male publishers have apparently become the new group to butcher over at BuzzFeed.

In a new listicle fresh out on the lefty site Thursday, they go on a jihad and ask 23 writers to kick straight, white, males in the crotch (or something like that).

For example, in number 11 of the listicle, an Asian woman with long hair and glasses that are much too large for her face holds up a white cardboard sign that reads, “Sit down & let us abolish you.”


Even nearly all of the commenters are horrified.

  • I find it amusing that people are allowed to publicly direct severely negative comments towards straight, white males, but if I were to say something equally as severely negative toward somebody OF LITERALLY ANY OTHER DEMOGRAPHIC I would be chastised as racist, sexist, bigoted, etc.
  • Wishing to promote diversity is a great thing; being needlessly antagonistic and vilifying an entire group of people by association with hateful signs and borderline threats and showing you’re less interested in talking to people than you are in talking harshly AT them isn’t.
  • It literally goes against everything these individuals claim to stand for.
  • I am a straight, white man who wants to publish a book. So, I am the enemy of all progress because I have a career goal? Never mind the content of my book, but I am a bad guy for wanting to follow my dream now? Is this for real? Seriously?
  • What’s with all the vicious nastiness in these quotes? I guess i just don’t get it.
  • Hate. This article is full of hate. But since it’s against SWMs it’s ok.
  • I happen to be white, male, and straight. Yes, I won the privilege lottery. I also would love to be able to make a living in the publishing field. This post made me feel like I wouldn’t be welcome by my writing peers due to my skin color, my genitalia, and where I enjoy putting that genitalia. How about a post of “what writers would like to see changed in the publishing industry” where all of the ideas presented here would still apply, without singling out one group. There are great and compassionate and empathetic straight white males. Let’s get rid of the assholes.

The hate oozes as you scroll down the page.

A disheveled writer, number 15 in the listicle, gives straight, white, male publishers the finger. In number 18, BuzzFeed‘s own Saeed Jones holds up a sign that reads, “You have not doomed us. You’ve doomed yourselves.”

Seriously. Is this what BuzzFeed means by diversity? They go to all the trouble of of having a so-called diversity fellowship program and this is what they produce?

In October, 2014, BuzzFeed editor-in-chief published a lengthy story explaining how BuzzFeed keeps itself diverse. “Diversity in BuzzFeed’s editorial operation isn’t a side project or special initiative,” he wrote. “It’s core to how we operate and how we hire.” [RELATED: BuzzFeed Diversity Program Rejects White Journalist]

Number 19 in the hateful listicle unfortunately has some sort of skin condition. “Pay attention to the world,” the woman advises. Um, how about pay attention to your health and go to a dermatologist?

“We don’t need you,” a young black man and number 21 says.

Maybe BuzzFeed ought to take another crack at diversity.

Last time we checked it didn’t mean hating any one group of people.