Scott Walker NYC Lunch Invite Elicits Profane Response

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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“Fuck you and your entire extended family.  And the cunt you came out of. Got it?” That was the message sent to New York state Republican Committee Director of Communications David Laska after an angry New Yorker received an invite to a club hosting an event for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

The email was sent from Jeffrey Putterman, in response to an e-mail that the Union League Club would be hosting a Walker lunch on Monday. Putterman is a New York City real estate agent.

Walker is expected to join the field of Republican candidates running for president and just visited New Hampshire over the weekend.

Putterman hurled a slew of vulgar insults at Laska.

“That was a personal message, so cut the shit. And stuff your head up Walker’s ass,” Putterman said. “If you want to fuck with me, mano a mano, just let me know. You flaming jerkoff.”

“I’d be glad to meet and greet you, you little arrogant piece of shit,” he continued. He also called Laska an “asshole.”

After the initial response from Putterman, Laska told Putterman he would forward the email to Putterman’s employer and various media outlets, as Putterman had not said anything was off the record.

“We all have to deal with hate mail, and having thick skin comes with the territory, but every now and then people cross the line,” Laska told The Daily Caller. Putterman has taken shots online at other politicians in the past. He wrote a post on his Facebook page about Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in 2013 during the Trayvon Martin controversy. Cruz made remarks about the debate that Putterman attacked him for.

“He’s always out of line. He has committed treason several times, and should be arrested and executed for his disregard for our laws and our people,” Putterman said.

The Daily Caller sent an inquiry to Putterman, who replied with the same vulgarity.

“Come to the big apple and offer me enough, and you can suck my dick.  For you, considering you applaud the 1%, I’d say $1 million,” he said. “I’ll let your punk-ass friend David Laska — one of the 40 under 40 who will no doubt be arrested in a men’s room in a mid-western airport — suck it too.”

He also told TheDC reporter to “go fuck your mother” multiple times.

Putterman goes after Democrats, too. In an article post about an ethics probe on New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, he writes “I predicted this when she became speaker. Which took no skill other than reading comprehension. This b*tch grew up rich in Puerto Rico, came here and pretended to be poor so she could game the system, and will end up in jail.”

The lunch is available to Union League members with Empire membership status.