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Weiner’s Ex-Sexting Gal Whacks Him And CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ For A Lack Of Self-Awareness

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Somehow CNN’s “Reliable Sources” saw fit to invite New York mayoral failure Anthony Weiner on Sunday’s program. He’s lied to several journalists at CNN, including Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash. So why not invite him on and hail him as some kind of expert?

Even his ex-sexting partner, Sydney Elaine Leathers, now a porn film actress, saw a problem with this.

“If Weiner gets to be a ‘media analyst’ discussing the 2016 election so do I. #showmeyourgenitals,” she wrote on Twitter several hours after the program aired.

Not only did host Brian Stelter fail to disclose to viewers that Weiner had once lied to various journalists at the network, but he acted like Weiner was an ordinary guest to have on the show.

True to form, Weiner remarked that he didn’t think his wife, Huma Abedin, a top aide to presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, even knew that he was appearing on “Reliable Sources” Sunday – a point Stelter didn’t bother to follow up on with serious questions. Such as, has Hillary’s campaign told him to lay low and keep his trap shut? Weiner said his wife was extremely busy and that the couple tries to discuss anything other than politics (a statement no one can possibly believe).

A clear-eyed Leathers, never one to shy away from confrontation or saying what she really thinks, remarked, “At least I realize I’m a joke. Wish he had the same level of self awareness.”

If CNN is going to insult viewers by having Weiner on its programs, their hosts should at least have the decency to formally disclose his lies as they relate to his previous interactions with the network.

Or perhaps they want to let Leathers be Stelter’s producer?