‘An Absolutely Poisonous Figure’: Dana Perino SLAMS ‘Destructive’ Harry Reid [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Fox News’ Dana Perino lit into Senate minority leader Harry Reid in a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt Tuesday, calling Reid “an absolutely poisonous figure” in Washington.

She also said he’s the main source of dysfunction in the nation’s capital.

“You are very careful to point out Harry Reid. And yesterday, after I was preparing for the show, I read a story that had this in it,” Hewitt told Perino reading an article. “No wonder Jeb Bush stood up for Loretta Lynch in New Hampshire,’ Harry Reid said on Monday. ‘Bush didn’t just show grace in doing that, he showed more common sense than his brother showed in eight years as president of the United States.'”

“There’s just Harry Reid. He can’t give a compliment, can he, Dana Perino?” Hewitt asked Perino.

“He’s an absolutely poisonous figure in Washington, D.C.,” Perino railed. “He’s been a disaster for the country. I think a lot of the dysfunction in Washington can be traced directly to his doorstep.”

“I think it is very good for the country, for the world, and especially for the Democrats that Harry Reid is retiring,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything so abhorrent in my life as Harry Reid. He’s an equal opportunity basher. He goes after everybody, and I think it has been so, frankly, disgusting.”

This is not the first time Reid has incurred the former White House press secretary’s wrath. Back in November following the GOP midterm victories, Perino said the country would be much “better off” without him. (RELATED: Dana Perino: Harry Reid ‘An Absolutely Poisonous Person In Politics’)

“I am a pretty level-headed person, but that person, Harry Reid, has been the most destructive entity in Washington when it comes to civility,” Perino said. “By far.”