Chris Rock Thinks Catering To Black America Is The Only Way To Save Baseball. Is He Right? [POLL]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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It’s no secret: baseball is struggling.

Little League participation has dropped by 20 percent since 1995. World Series viewership has been halved over the same time frame. Even Major League Baseball knows the American public is losing interest in America’s game. (RELATED: MLB Wastes Time, Trying To Save Time)

Don’t get me wrong, I live, breath and sleep baseball — I wouldn’t have played for 17 freakin’ years if I hadn’t — but many of my contemporaries simply don’t feel the same, and it’s sad to watch the sport I love slowly die.

Thankfully, Chris Rock has a solution. The comedian offered his two-cents on how the game can be saved on HBO’s “Real Sports.”


To be honest, I’m a little torn over this one. As a bi-racial individual, I DON’T think the game is too white. That being said, something definitely needs to be done before baseball goes the way of XFL.

What do you think?

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