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Quote of the Day:

“Sometimes proper journalists have to cite or compliment my work without realizing I did it. Kind of funny, but they should still be ignored.”

The Daily Caller‘s Patrick Howley.

TV One’s Roland Martin is angry at the weather 

“Woke up today with temps in the 40s. This is a damn shame. I am so sick of wearing a coat. It’s almost May!” — Roland Martin.

New Daily Caller reporter may give you a migraine 

“I find it interesting that people who have good public images are really cowards and bullies,” Evan Gahr told Washington Examiner‘s Eddie Scarry. “And plus it’s just fun to embarrass them.” Read the full story.

Was Robert Downey right to walk out on TV reporter? 

“R Downey Jr had every right to walk out of interview. He’s not running for office. You want serious Q&A don’t spring it in movie promo.” — Ronald Moore, writer/producer, Outlander, Star Trek.

Annoying publicist alert…

“Thank you for following up three times on the press release regarding the thing I don’t cover that I didn’t respond to.” — The Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi.

HuffPost reporter has weird problem with Taylor Swift 

“I’m watching a hearing and my iTunes keeps starting Taylor Swift in the background, even when iTunes is closed. I’m puzzled.” — HuffPost‘s Elise Foley.

Susan Glasser already proud of Politico Europe

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Marty tackles burning Bruce Jenner q 

“@rshields37 What are your thoughts on the NYDN Cover with Bruce Jenner wearing a Dress on Wed?” — Marty Rudolf, Twitter personality, to Robert Shields, deputy digital editor for the New York Daily News.

Journo Love

“Thrilled for my friend @CarolLeonnig and a wee bit frustrated that our piece on Lilly Pulitzer is getting more clicks.” — WaPo‘s Dana Milbank.

Kids at work: Always a good idea 


“It’s ‘Take Your Children to Work Day,’ so @bpshow just brought @GrayOgburn and @MagnusOgburn on the show.” — Bill Press Show executive producer Peter Ogburn.