Stephen A. Smith Calls Tom Brady A RACIST For Not Going To Meet Obama, Doesn’t Comment On Black Players Who Also Didn’t Go

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Stephen A. Smith — everyone’s least favorite ESPN talking head — is up to his old tricks.

On the Friday episode of his ESPN Radio show, Smith went on a 10 minute rant concerning Tom Brady’s absence from the Patriots’ Thursday Super Bowl celebration at the White House. (RELATED: Tom Brady Will Not Attend Pats’ Super Bowl White House Celebration)

Specifically, about how the Patriots’ eventual hall-of-fame QB is racist.


For the record, Tom was attending a party for his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Pretty sure they weren’t going to change the date just to fit Barry’s schedule, Stephen.

ALSO, why aren’t Brandon Browner or Vince Wilfork — both black males were important members of last year’s Super Bowl championship squad — racist for not going to the Thursday’s events?

This shtick is getting a little old.

[h/t The King of TheDC’s Interns]

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