Arrested Baltimore Protesters Charged With Theft, Assault, Rioting

Kerry Picket Political Reporter

Baltimore City Police have released the names of individuals who were arrested during Saturday’s riots.

A number of charges included: malicious destruction, theft, assault of police, failure to disperse, assault with a deadly weapon (rocks) and rioting. Thirty-one adults and four juveniles were arrested.

Two members of the media were arrested. One was released with a criminal citation, which “is being recalled” and the other was released without any charges, the police remarked.

In a statement the department added, “The Baltimore Police Department continues to make every effort to ensure that members of the media have access to officers as they protect the rights of protestors to engage in peaceful demonstration.”

“Active scenes of violence are often confusing and chaotic. The Baltimore Police Department apologizes for the error and will continue to make efforts to grant media access wherever possible.”

Local businesses were damaged and looted by protesters Saturday when demonstrations over the death of Freddie Gray became violent.

According to the The Baltimore Sun, a trashcan was used to smash a window at a Michael Kors storefront, while two restaurants in the downtown area also sustained damage. A 7-11 store was also looted.

This damage is in addition to the civilian and police cars that were smashed in the riots as well as a purse snatching captured on twitter.