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Quote of the Day:

“Apparently someone saw me on TV “texting” during the dinner. FTR I was taking notes. On my phone. Because it’s 2015. #WHCD”

WaPo “The Reliable Source” columnist Helena Andrews.

Quote of the Day II

“I felt a chill of hellish ineffable dread as my train pulled into DC. And then I remembered: it’s Correspondents Dinner weekend!”

Chris Lehmann, senior editor, The Baffler.

Police arrest photog…at dignified WHCD event by The Atlantic… Read here by WaPo‘s Emily Heil. Most outlandish detail: The male perp spit all over editor-at-large Steve Clemons.

At long last, Brian Stelter goes on his honeymoon 

“And with that, I’m leaving on a jet plane with the love of my life. A (belated!) (postponed!) (rescheduled!) honeymoon starts … now.” — CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Journo brags about boycotting WHCD (eye roll) 

“I have been boycotting the WHCD ever since I stopped getting invited (except for those couple of times I snuck in). Ridiculous event.” — Mickey Kaus.

Journo loses her blowout virginity 

“Heading to @bloheartsyou for my very first blowout. (Listen, don’t judge, I always had short-ish hair).” — Delia Paunescu, New York Post.

WHCD attitude: F–k the Baltimore riots

“I’m at the #WHCD, and not a single person has had any idea what I’m talking about when I mention #Baltimore. Literally nobody here cares.” — Chris Brown, head of digital and social media for QGA lobbying affairs firm.

On that note…

“Call me old school but there’s something wrong with the press taking selfies and partying with the people they’re supposed to report on.” — RB Pundit.

And this…

“Searching for right sarcastic tweet expressing disdain for what the WHCA dinner has become.” — Joe Flint, WSJ media reporter.

Time to rag on CNN

“I don’t even understand network decision from biz perspective. Many folks will tune in for Baltimore. Who watches other people eat dinner?” — Bloomberg View‘s Megan McArdle.

Journo smells like coffee 

“Walk into a Starbucks, smell like a Starbucks all day.” — HuffPost Global Social Media Editor Ethan Klapper.

CNN analyst mocks idea of Boehner being sympathetic to transgenders 

“Watching 2nd half of #BruceJennerInterview. Good luck with that @SpeakerBoehner meeting on trans issue. We’re waiting on #ENDA.” — Hilary Rosen, Democratic analyst, CNN.

Monica Lewinsky sends prayers to Nepal

“Prayers for safety + comfort to those in Nepal.” — Vanity Fair’s Monica Lewinsky.

Finding the meaning of life in a conversation with your grandfather 

“Sitting in the backseat & talking with my 97 year old grandfather … it’s the little things in life.” — Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen.

Lucifer calls NBC 

NBC News NY operator: “NBC.”
Evan Gahr: “Hi. Can you connect me to NBC News Washington?”
NBC operator: “Who is calling?”
Evan Gahr: “Lucifer.”
NBC operator: “Are you an employee?”
Evan Gahr: “No.”
NBC operator: “You need to call yourself. 202-885-4000”
Evan Gahr: “OK. Thanks.”

The Peanut Gallery

“I thought Obama was bad at #CorrespondentsDinner until Cecily Strong started her schtick.” — Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin.

Chrissy Teigen sticks her tongue out at WHCD 


.@chrissyteigen is flawless in the Twitter Mirror. —Mark S. Luckiemanager of journalism and news, Twitter.

CNN’s Dana heads to the WHCD bash 


“Last White House Correspondents photo…this is how you make an entrance. @DanaBashCNN ladies and gentleman.” — Marc Adelman